Don’t Believe in SEO? Do This Anyway.

Recently an acquaintance told me, “I don’t believe in SEO”.  And he’s not alone.  But many best practices in SEO are just plain best practices…for any website.

There are some SEO-friendly things you should do, even if you don’t believe in SEO.  One of the most important is an accurate, compelling title tag for all of your pages and blog posts.

Do It Anyway #1:  Your Title Tags

A carefully written title tag for each of your posts or pages is not just for SEO.  It helps your click-through rate and gives your reader valuable information about what they’ll find on the page.

Any time you link to that page – on social media for example – your title tag will show up as part of the preview. Here’s an example of a tweet from our friends at BlogWorks:

Titles are important, even if you don't believe in SEO

If you’re looking for blog topics, the title chosen here, “36 blog topics your readers will love”, might entice you to check out the blog post. It’s displayed right below the image on Twitter.

Your title will also show up on the search results page of a search engine.  Here’s the same post above, as viewed in Google search results:

Title tag seen in search results

The title in the search engine results page (or SERP) is a factor when searchers are trying to determine which result to click on.  A compelling title will get more clicks than a dull one.

When the reader’s expectation of what they’ll find is met, they’ll stay on your page longer and may be more tempted to view your other content. Maybe they’ll follow you…bookmark you…even hire you or buy your products later on.

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