Prices for SEO Coaching

Prices for SEO Coaching/Service Request

For successful online marketing, every website needs to get the basics of SEO right. Without a solid foundation you can’t begin to build success.

Because the knowledge level of each person and the needs of each website varies, it’s difficult to set a one-size-fits-all price for SEO coaching. We’ve done basic audits and consultations for under $200, and we’ve done in-depth coaching for several thousand dollars.

We’re flexible. If want to do a little each month and see how it goes, we will work with you to make that happen. If you want to put some serious effort into SEO in a short time span, we can help with that too.

Normal hourly rates are $60 USD.  If you commit to 3 or more hours in a month we offer a 25% discount to $45 USD.

Don’t pay us anything up front.

Use the form below to request information or a quote. After we look at your site to make sure we can help, we’ll discuss your site’s needs and provide a quote. If you choose to go ahead with SEO coaching we’ll send you an invoice.

You have the option to continue with coaching services if you want to move beyond the basics. It’s entirely up to you.