SEO Coach: Do you need one?

I’m an SEO coach, so it might seem odd for me to say you don’t need one.  But you might not.

If you’re tech savvy, love computers and learning new things, and have some time on your hands you can probably learn SEO by yourself.  I’ll share some great resources to do that below, but first a look at some of the reasons you might want a coach or mentor.

Some benefits of an SEO coach

Learning SEO can be time consuming, and while there’s a lot of great advice available online, there is also some outdated or just plain wrong advice. It can be helpful to have guidance from someone with experience.

You might be busy trying to run a small business or become a solopreneur. While you want to learn to do SEO yourself, you might not want or be able to take the time needed to research the latest techniques and how to implement them.

An SEO coach or SEO mentor can speed up your learning curve significantly. They can identify your site’s specific SEO needs, and steer you to which techniques you need most. So you’ll begin working on what’s most important first.

Somewhere between having the budget to hire an agency and being perfectly comfortable doing it by yourself is the person who would benefit most from having an SEO coach.

If you’d like us to have a look at your site and give you an idea of the cost of coaching, fill out our request form.

If you’d like to give it a whirl on your own here are some trusted places to start.

Resources for learning SEO on your own

If you’d like to give do-it-yourself SEO a try without a coach, here are some of the best resources to check out.



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