What 1 on 1 SEO Coach Does

We specialize in helping beginners understand and implement the basics of search engine optimization.

SEO can be complex and bewildering once you begin to plumb the depths. But no matter how far you might eventually take your SEO efforts, you need a solid base upon which to build. You have to get the basics right. And that’s what we help you do.

Why I started 1 on 1 SEO Coach

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After burning out in a long-time career I was overdue for a big change.

I started looking for other ways to make an income and I experimented with affiliate marketing – building my own small websites that sold other people’s products or services for a commission.  It didn’t take long to realize that without traffic from the right people, a website is useless.  So I began to learn about SEO, and soon after  I got a job in the industry.

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I worked for two different companies before deciding to strike out on my own. For a dozen years or so I served clients by helping them build worthwhile content, optimize it, and attract targeted traffic. I did well, and my clients were happy.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Muriel for the past few years on a client project. She’s a true SEO expert. If you need SEO, you’ll find Muriel has that perfect mix of expertise and “get it done” attitude that will dramatically improve your business. My highest recommendation.” Rob L.

I also spent some time as an SEO instructor, leading small classes of people who wanted to learn SEO to boost their own websites or offer SEO services to others. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching.

“Muriel – I am so grateful for the training your SEO workshop gave to me. I am able to use everything you taught me in every website project I do. I would not be giving my clients the great service I am now, without the knowledge I gained through you and your program.” Patricia M.

And then I got very sick and stopped working for a couple of years.

As I began to rebuild my business I realized that I missed teaching. Not the renting meeting rooms, traveling and staying in hotels part, but the one-on-one discussions with people about their websites and how to make them work better.

So I’m offering a new service – SEO coaching on a one-to-one basis.  I want to help individuals and small businesses understand the basics of SEO, and apply those principles where their websites need it most.

Muriel Archibald
Head Coach

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